We offer effective solutions for removing insects and rodents on board vessels

Our treatments eradicate pests on board your vessel (boat, yacht ...) and prevent their recurrence. We issue a certificate of non-infestation.

Why treat your boat?

Ships can be prone to pest infestations. Stored product insects, rodents, ants or other, we have the right solutions. After our treatments, we issue a certificate of non-infestation to present to your future home ports.



Entrust processing your home local garden roof attic to a qualified a serious an efficient a discreet professional.

Our technicians are experienced and regularly trained to stay up-to-date with new standards and innovations. Because each case is unique, we offer the most appropriate treatment solutions to your problem and your environment. We have a fleet of 7 vehicles fitted and easily identifiable. We choose the most effective products on the market, as well as advanced equipment that we review regularly.

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