Purification de l’air

Parce que la pollution de l’air est un problème majeur qui prend de l’ampleur au fil des années, nous vous apportons les solutions pour un air plus sain dans vos lieux de vie.

Quand avoir recours à un purificateur d’air ?

Vous pouvez avoir besoin d’un purificateur dans plusieurs cas :

  • Dégâts des eaux ou humidité trop importante
  • Particules rejetées par la circulation
  • Travaux
  • Odeurs tenaces
  • Maladies infectieuses



Entrust processing your home local garden roof attic to a qualified a serious an efficient a discreet professional.

Our technicians are experienced and regularly trained to stay up-to-date with new standards and innovations. Because each case is unique, we offer the most appropriate treatment solutions to your problem and your environment. We have a fleet of 7 vehicles fitted and easily identifiable. We choose the most effective products on the market, as well as advanced equipment that we review regularly.

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Our eco-responsible approach

Preserving our planet is one of our priorities. Pest Control Services technicians are specially trained with rigorous application of treatments during their interventions, in order to control as much as possible their impact on the environment and biodiversity. We also offer a range of solutions guaranteed 100% natural, under the label Bio Pest Control™.

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