To achieve your treatment disinfection and decontamination, call specialists!

The Pest Control Services™ company decontaminates and disinfects the premises where are carried your industrial, food or medical activities.

Why disinfect and decontaminate your premises?

Decontamination objective is the elimination of bacteria, germs, fungi and viruses. This microbial breakdown is indicated to stop the spread of germs and viruses in the medical environment, ensure a healthy environment for industrial companies employees, or meet certain hygiene standards in the food industry. To achieve decontamination, it is highly recommended to hire a company specialized in disinfection.



Entrust processing your home local garden roof attic to a qualified a serious an efficient a discreet professional.

Our technicians are experienced and regularly trained to stay up-to-date with new standards and innovations. Because each case is unique, we offer the most appropriate treatment solutions to your problem and your environment. We have a fleet of 7 vehicles fitted and easily identifiable. We choose the most effective products on the market, as well as advanced equipment that we review regularly.

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