Our innovative solutions to eliminate flying insects are effective in your home and in your garden

We take into account the nature and surface of the areas to be treated, to offer adequate solutions and treatments tailored to your environment.

Why struggle against flying insects?

Harmless, the sting of the gadfly remains painful and the one of the chigger unpleasant . Similarly, a bug has a very noisy flight and emit a particularly foul odor in your halogen lamps ... We offer innovative and effective solutions to remove a wide variety of flying insects, whose eradication is not always easy . Because it is difficult to list them all, call us to discuss, we will find a solution tailored to your needs!



Entrust processing your home local garden roof attic to a qualified a serious an efficient a discreet professional.

Our technicians are experienced and regularly trained to stay up-to-date with new standards and innovations. Because each case is unique, we offer the most appropriate treatment solutions to your problem and your environment. We have a fleet of 7 vehicles fitted and easily identifiable. We choose the most effective products on the market, as well as advanced equipment that we review regularly.

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