Our treatments provide optimal protection of your property against the pine processionary caterpillar

We apply treatments to eradicate armyworms, centipedes and millipedes present in your home and garden and to prevent their recurrence.

Why eliminate pine armyworms?

Armyworms are the larvae of a moth. In the summer, they proliferate around the pine trees and eat their needles. Each of these caterpillar has about 600,000 stinging hair that disperse in the air at the slightest aggression, provoking violent allergic reactions with individuals coming into contact with them. As for the dogs, the contact of his tongue with those stinging hairs can be critical: it can become necrotic and the animal then risks to lose pieces of it.



Entrust processing your home local garden roof attic to a qualified a serious an efficient a discreet professional.

Our technicians are experienced and regularly trained to stay up-to-date with new standards and innovations. Because each case is unique, we offer the most appropriate treatment solutions to your problem and your environment. We have a fleet of 7 vehicles fitted and easily identifiable. We choose the most effective products on the market, as well as advanced equipment that we review regularly.

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